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Jrock Daily

For those of us who want jrock pics daily

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Moderated by: cassanthia

This is a community for all jrock fans who want to post and view pictures of their favorite jrockers daily. Come on, what would be better than seeing a pretty pic of your rocker on your own Friends list? :) Join the fun! Share your favorite pics!

And, well... rules are no fun, but those are always needed ^_^

1) There's no official limit on how many pictures you can post daily, but enough is enough, ne? Besides, if you post all your pics on one day, what are you going to post the next day? ~_^

2) If you're afraid the picture might be a little too big, please use lj-cut. For information on how to use it, click here.

3) Again, if you put many pictures in one entry, please use lj-cut. ^^

That's about it. More to be added if needed. ^_^