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[23 Jul 2014|09:28am]

Check out my Jrock eBay sellers account!
70 plus The Gazette magazines and Jrock related items to go up for sale in the next fortnight. Including Dir en Grey, LM.C, Nightmare, Pierrot and more, along with some hard to find items such as Gem Cerey and Harugin jewellery. (See below for a few current listings)

Coming from a private collection to fund other ventures.

Must go to a good home ^_^

Any questions please msg me at eBay under user EASY_SELL1987.

Happy Bidding!

Jrock The Gazette Gem Cerey Chandelier Necklace(261540119022)

Jrock The Gazette Harugin Bracelet From Japan (261540085488)

Jrock The Gazette Garish Room Heresy FanClub Issue 1 (261540177272)

Modern Pirates (Japan) Jrock The Gazette Ruki Bracelet (261539198198)

Jrock Nightmare Hitsugi Neko Cat Gloves Limited Edition (261539305046)

Jrock The Gazette Original Photo Set 2 Pulse Wriggling to..(261540139224)
TAGS: dir en grey, ebay, jrock, lm.c, nightmare, sales, the gazette
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[WTS] JROCK POSTERS (Negociable) [17 Apr 2014|07:49pm]

I have some jrock poster for sale if anyone is interested in buying.

conditions of all posters are not used (meaning no pin holes on them)
i havn't used any of them so practically new!!

if anyone is intrested click link below to follow my lj and see what i have to offer for you.

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WTS: Royz Sales ^^ [25 Oct 2013|04:38am]


i want to see the current items i have right now


1. royz ducumentary dvd ($30)

2. tears - type c ($25)

3. innocence - type a ($15)

4. photosets - vice fairy yukata ver ($20)

5. cure - magazine vol.119/august issue ($10)

price can be negotiable.

condition of all items are like new (opened once and put back);
and all cd's comes with 2 member cards each and its still in their package an it has all obi

ask for shipping cost depending where located

if interested please message or comment ^^

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[03 Feb 2012|07:45am]




It's a new community so for now, I'm just trying to spread the word. Haven't seen one around so I made one. Like I said, it is new and we're still trying to get members before we actually get to work.

If anyone wants, spread the word! :)
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Do you want PLUNKLOCK in your country? [26 Oct 2011|08:23pm]

PLUNKLOCK European Tour 2012 by KANZEN MUSIC !!!

Kanzen Music presents PLUNKLOCK in Europe 2012!! 

One of PLUNKLOCK concerts in Europe 2012 will be decided by fans. 

U can vote for your country by accesSing this poll @ http://www.facebook.com/KanzeNMusic

Thank you !!
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JrockHeaven [08 Sep 2011|01:40am]

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Serching Dir en grey tickets for the Paris shows, BADLY!! [17 Apr 2011|07:04pm]


I really need help!
Unfortunately, I missed to buy Dir en grey tickets for Paris for me an my friend...
(Means I need two for both shows.) Is there anyone who can't go to one or both of the concerts?
We already have booked a hotel for this time.. so PLEASE, I would be so thankful for any help!!! .__.

Thanking you in anticipation!
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Let's support Japanese rock!! [25 Jun 2010|07:33pm]

I don't know if this is allowed or what, but there's a competition going on at MTV and it's Germany v Japan!

basically you vote which has the best rock.

We all know that Japan does, however Germany are winning!!

Please vote for Japan, it's really simple and won't take 2 seconds! SURELY we need Japanese rock recognised more!! Especially Visual Kei!!
Wouldn't it be awesome if Japan beat Germany on ROCK!

Vote here:

Thanks guys, If you can, comment if you vote!
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JrockHeaven [12 Jun 2010|06:45pm]


Please delete if not allowed.
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JRock Band? [30 Mar 2010|10:26pm]


What Jrock artists do you want to see on Rock Band? We're leaving it up to YOU, the fans, to tell US who you think ought to be in! Cast your vote today!
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Selling Jrock goods. [15 Mar 2010|08:52pm]


- Sex pot revenge tote bag.
- Jrock posters.
- The GazettE black moral drinking glasses.
- Alice Nine Authentic Autographs.

Please click here: http://megu-chi.livejournal.com/

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New band "trick candle" [23 Nov 2009|08:03pm]


trick candle`s


-OHP: http://trickcandle.web.fc2.com/

their brand new band and i`ve decided to post an entry about them cause their current status on myspace is " NEGLECTED" xD
..so if u like their sound and wanna help them , send them a friend request ^__^
Read more...Collapse )Members:


- they`re describing themselves on myspace as:
<<"trick candle", a Japanese band formed in 2006, We have actively started live performances at a bar since 2007. Our music is based on distinctive taste of each member in creating music. So it’s a good mix, beautifully combining hard stuff and soft stuff ranging from edgy (aggressive) songs to more poppy ones. Also we’ve been striving to play a different kind of songs like soulful and jazzy stuff without always sticking to our own style. We've been pursuing the love and uniqueness of music and continuing as a band right now. >>
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NEW!! - el-Ethnic Legist- livejournal community [22 Nov 2009|12:20am]

elapostles- http://community.livejournal.com/elapostles/profile


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magazien sales [13 Nov 2009|04:37am]

i have some magazien for sale
if intrested come by plz.
willing to neogotiate prices.

View Full Size Image

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[30 Jul 2009|06:44pm]


Hi everyone. :)

this is rather urgent.
I have a presentation next week and I need to research for my current project about hair styling products.
Does anyone of you know what kind of hair styling products jrockers are using? examples like hair spray, wax, straightener, dye etc.
if possible, please mention the brands too so that I can do research on it,
also, please recommend any hair styling products that you are using and find it good. Remember to mention the brands too. ^^


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Anyone interested in some Jrock goods? [25 Jul 2009|07:46pm]


I've been cleaning out my room and was wondering if anyone might be interested in some Jrock goods?
I'm open to best offers and I also do trades for manga/anime goods ^^
Basically, I just want this stuff gone.
So feel free to make an offer if interested ^^
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[Selling] Magazines, Posters and other stuffs [16 Jul 2009|01:01pm]

[ mood | calm ]

Selling Magazines including Nightmare, alice nine., the GazettE, Mucc,Plastic Tree, Miyavi, LM.C, Kagrra, etc.. 2 GazettE Posters and some other stuff here.

Please take a look. thank you.

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Join Jrockheaven. [13 Jun 2009|04:39pm]

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Jrockheaven [01 Feb 2009|10:00pm]


>Delete if not allowed<
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JSHOXX 24/7 Pure JROCK web Radio [18 Oct 2008|03:45am]

A simple invite to log into JSHOXX web radio for 24/7 Pure JROCK.   JSHOXX has a simple goal of spreading JROCK across the world!  Regardless of language, if the music is good, CRANK IT!  We hope you will enjoy your visit =)
Check out current guest host through Sunday with Suicide Ali, & GPKISM as they crank songs off their albums for you.  Next Thursday, by listener demand is Dice & Joker & ZxIxGxZxAxG
Feel free to check out our myspace page as well for recent blogs.

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